About the GSP Platform

The GSP Platform represents a group of human rights and development organizations, trade unions and other stakeholders seeking to advance human rights and labour rights; as well as promote civic space in the context of the trade preferences of the European Union. Civic space entails the freedom of expression, freedom to peaceful assembly and freedom of association.[1] The Statement sets out recommendations for the improvement of the European Union (EU) Generalised System of Preferences (GSP).

The EU GSP Regulation provides a trade framework in which businesses and governments need to uphold substantial guarantees for the protection and promotion of human and labour rights, as well as sustainable development. Hence, it has the potential to advance human and labour rights, as well as promote civic space if applied in a consistent, dynamic and comprehensive manner.

The GSP Platform has been set up to ensure that key stakeholders are effectively engaged in the debate on EU trade regulation that administers GSP, Everything but Arms (EBA) and The Special Incentive Arrangement for Sustainable Development and Good Governance (GSP+). We consider that working towards fair trade policies needs to entail long-term country specific trade supported development plan for progressive change

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